Permanon developed the cleaning and maintenance Surface care shampoo, 2in1, for light, everyday contaminations of varnished or coated surfaces. It was geared particularly to a variety of surfaces. 


What is Permanon? Permanon is a leading-edge High-tech development in terms of surface-protection and cleaning on the basis of pure monomeric silicium. Silicium, with the abbreviation SI14 in the periods system, is a natural product and is, after H2O, the most frequently occurring element on earth.


All Permanon surface protection and 2 in 1 products have the following basic protection properties: Protects all hard, solid surfaces against environmental influences - temperature resistant from -40 degree celsius up to + 300 degree celsius - UVA & UVB protection - highly resistant against alkaline's and acids


Surface protection is in many of their components Permanon Supershine products are a bit ahead of the future! Permanon Supershine products are a pioneering alternative that will help you meet the challenges of the extreme changes of our environment and climate that effect all kinds of surfaces. They meet all needs, from maintenance to the sealing of surfaces.


All Permanon sealing and cleaning products have special possible applications. The following list shows you which Permanon products can be used for which purposes.


Highly effective surface cleaning and active protection of the environment need no longer contradict each other. Permanon offers you innovative products for you and your customers. They clean and seal all surfaces effectively while protecting nature at the same time.